Sports Parents, why do you need this membership?

Because when you become a Sports Parent, nobody hands you a manual and a blank check.
So you need trusted, vetted resources to help you raise your athlete AND discounts on those resources to give your wallet a break, too. 
What's included in my Membership? 
Fueling the machine. 
  • Access to the best athlete nutrition information and discounts on programs, products and services to fuel your athlete!

Preventing Injury.
  • Access to vetted resources and discounts on programs, products and services to keep your athlete healthy and injury-free!
 Training the brain.
  • Access to information and discounts on programs, products and services to keep you and your positive and productive!
SPU Magazine
Free subscription

  • Free subscription to Sports Parents United magazine
  • Members-only content
Email Exclusives
Exclusive deals via email

  • Special coupon codes for discounts and deals!
SPU Products
Sports Parents Products

  • FREE Sports Parents United Resource Bundle.
  • Discounts on Sports Parents United merch and products.
The Sports Parents United Membership will be your "fast pass" to the information you need to raise your athlete and the financial break you need, too!
We can't wait to serve you and your athlete! It's what we love to do! 
The Sports Parents United Membership will help you...

Go from this...

I'm uneasy. I'm not sure what my athlete needs at this level.

I'm overwhelmed with information in so many different places.

I'm unsure how we are going to pay for everything.


To This!

Confident my athlete's needs are being met from beginning to end.

Relieved I can go to one place for quality information. 

Excited to get discounts and deals to help lighten the financial load.

Here's what you get...
Just a few of the benefits you receive immediately when you become a SPU member:
  • FREE Sports Parents United Resource Bundle 
  • Discounts on sports products, equipment and more
  • Deals on exclusive online services and online programs